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12 Aug BEEP dictionary. Description: Phonemic transcriptions of over , English words. (British English pronunciations); Availability: By anonymous ftp: BEEP dictionary README file: README; BEEP Dictionary (M). Beep definition, a short, relatively high-pitched tone produced by a horn, electronic device, or the like as a signal, summons, or warning. See more. beep meaning, definition, what is beep: (to cause) to make a short, loud sound. Learn more.

This pronunciation dictionary is derived from many sources and many people have made significant contributions. Please read the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS file. The pronunciation dictionary is derived in part from the Oxford Text Archive releases and These are copyrighted by Oxford University Press (OUP) and. Define beep: to cause to sound; to sound a horn; to make a beep — beep in a sentence. Definition of beep - a short, high-pitched sound emitted by electronic equipment or a vehicle horn.

Define beep. beep synonyms, beep pronunciation, beep translation, English dictionary definition of beep. n. A sound or signal, as from a horn or an electronic device. v. beeped, beep·ing, beeps v. intr. To make a beep. v. tr. 1. To cause to make a beep: The. Beep definition: A beep is a short, loud sound like that made by a car horn or a telephone answering | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. beep definition: 1. the brief, high-pitched sound of a horn, as on an automobile or bicycle 2. a brief, high-pitched electronic signal, used in warning, direction- finding, of beepechoic to make such a sound to cause to make such a sound.


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