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The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing contains terms from computing such as acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions, companies, projects, products and history of computing. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing.. FOLDOC is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture. (API, or "application programming interface") The interface (calling conventions) by which an application program accesses operating system and other services.

Browsing The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing. Entries by subject area; Entries starting with: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V. Specific computer hardware, as in the phrase "platform-independent". It may also refer to a specific combination of hardware and operating system and/or. download.. To transfer data from one computer to another. Downloading usually refers to transfer from a larger "host" system.

1. One or more large structured sets of persistent data, usually associated with software to update and query the data. A simple database might be a. The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC) is an online, searchable, encyclopedic dictionary of computing subjects. Contents. [hide]. 1 History; 2 Open sourcing; 3 Recognition; 4 References; 5 External links. History[edit]. FOLDOC was founded in by Denis Howe and was hosted by Imperial College London. Get definitions for computer-related terminology from the Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing.


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