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Star wars battlefront clone wars

In all honesty, I don't and can't really see why they wouldn't do a Clone Wars Season. That is a HUGE part of Star Wars canon lore, and they know that there is PLENTY of material they could use from there. I understand if they go and complete the movies first, but even the devs said they really wanted. 7 Feb Star Wars Battlefront 2 will get Conquest Mode after all, in the wake of fan feedback. 25 Jan Many mods for Star Wars Battlefront II have been about the Clone Wars — however, none have focused on the animated television series like this. Great effort has been put into this era mod to make you feel like you are fighting in "The Clone Wars." All of the new art assets are created for this project and not.

The mod team of /r/StarWarsBattlefront was contacted earlier this week by the Community Manager of Star Wars: Battlefront, Sledgehammer As some. 7 Feb Clone Wars DLC and player customisation are coming to Star Wars Battlefront II, according to DICE employee Dennis Brännvall. Read this, you must - the best Star Wars games on PC. Star Wars Battlefront 2's development team confirms it's currently working on new content, hinting at Clone Wars DLC and the inclusion of player customization options.


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