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BOINC is an open-source software platform for computing using volunteered resources. BOINC is a program that lets you donate your idle computer time to science projects like [email protected], , [email protected] BOINC is used by many volunteer computing projects. Some are based at universities and research labs, others are run by private groups or individuals.

These messages boards are for the discussion of BOINC, not projects (such as [email protected], World Community Grid, and so on). To discuss a project, please . User manual. From BOINC. Jump to: navigation, search. Back to the Top. BOINC lets you contribute computing power on your home PC to. BOINC add-on software. The following programs complement or enhance BOINC, but were not developed by the BOINC project. These applications are not.

The BOINC Manager is a 'control panel' for BOINC. It provides a graphical interface for monitoring and controlling the BOINC Client (which is. The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC, pronounced /b ɔɪŋk/ – rhymes with "oink"), an open-source middleware system, supports volunteer and grid computing. Originally developed to support the [email protected] project, it became generalized as a platform for other distributed applications in areas. Most BOINC projects use volunteer compute resources coordinated by a centralized server where work tasks are also returned when complete. A controlling server for a particular project hands out blocks of work on request, records the results returned and tracks the effort of each participant. The volunteered resources can.


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