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Source File: mod_proxy_html.c mod_proxy_html was originally developed at WebÞing, whose extensive documentation may be useful to users. In order to parse non-HTML content (stylesheets and scripts) embedded in HTML documents, mod_proxy_html has to read the entire script or stylesheet into a buffer. Internally, mod_proxy_html uses the HTMLParser module from the third-party libxml2 library. Unlike other libxml2 parsers, HTMLParser deals with HTML without requiring it to be well-formed XML. In particular, it understands about implied tags - like a closing - and inserts them into the stream of SAX events used by. Source File: mod_proxy.c mod_proxy and related modules implement a proxy/ gateway for Apache HTTP Server, supporting a number of popular protocols as well as several different load balancing Apache httpd will not rewrite other response headers, nor will it by default rewrite URL references inside HTML pages.

Note. mod_proxy_html has now been relicensed and incorporated into the core Apache HTTPD distribution at from HTTPD That version is now likely to be more up-to-date than this one. Here a one-line bug-fix has been introduced since version If you downloaded the bundled package from here, you. To install mod_proxy_html module, make sure that you have installed 'libxml2- devel' which is libxml2 development toolkit and 'httpd-devel' which is apache2 developer toolkit. The steps below can be run on 2. [root @webserver mod_proxy_html]# apxs -c -I /usr/include/libxml2 -I. -i mod_proxy_html.c. 18 Jun Maybe a bit of a simplistic answer, but most (if not all) ProxyHTMLURLMap directives I've seen so far have a / at the beginning of the match/replace pattern. Have you tried this variant of your configuration? ProxyHTMLURLMap / railsappname/ /apphost/railsappname/. If that does not help, what version of apache are you.

6 Aug apxs -c -i [module-name].c noting that mod_proxy itself is in two source files ( mod_proxy.c and proxy_util.c). This leaves mod_proxy_html, which is not included in the core distribution. mod_proxy_html is a third-party module, and requires a third-party library libxml2. At the time of writing, libxml2 is installed. mod_proxy_html.c> ProxyRequests Off Order deny,allow Allow from all ProxyPass /demo http://localhost ProxyPassReverse /demo http://localhost # ask the localhost to return the. 5 Oct Set to Off, HTML links are rewritten according to the ProxyHTMLURLMap directives, but links appearing in Javascript and CSS are ignored. Set to On, all I would consider using ProxyHTMLURLMap / /mylocation/ c (the c flag means: " Pass embedded script and style sections through untouched.") I don't.


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