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Can you textbook on kindle

eTextbooks. Get it now, carry less, and study anywhere. Rent, Buy, or try eTextbooks and save up to 80%. Access your eTextbooks on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Fire tablet using the Kindle Reading app. Your eTextbook Rentals · Free Kindle Reading App · Print Textbooks · Prime Student. eTextbooks: Carry less. Kindle Textbooks. Titles from well-known educational publishers are available in the Kindle Store, and offer the same read anywhere functionality as standard Kindle books. You can sample, rent, or buy many Kindle textbooks in the Kindle Store. Oct 15, The fall semester is well underway at this point, and if you've been lugging around heavy textbooks for the last two months, you're probably ready for an alternative. Most people look toward the Kindle as that alternative; it makes sense , as the Kindle is billed as a slim, long-lasting and lightweight alternative.

Apr 15, A textbook cannot be read as a light novel. So, while the Kindle offers the tantalizing possibility of carrying a stack of textbooks with you everywhere, in fact, you're better off getting the actual dead tree version if you're planning on doing some serious studying from it. That is not to say textbook ebooks are not. Nov 22, In this edition of Ask Maggie, I try to answer that question. I help one mother who is considering getting either the Amazon Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet for her college-student daughter so she can download digital textbooks. But it's still early days for e-textbooks. And I caution her to do some homework. Jan 16, The Kindle is great for reading the occasional book, but you might not know that it's also a fantastic tool for students. When used correctly, it can essentially operate as a portable tool to keep all your books, notes, and research in one place. Here's how to turn a Kindle into your new best friend for school.

Jul 18, Buying textbooks in college are annoying! They're expensive, heavy, and instantly useless after finals. Amazon is trying to change the game with Kindle Textbook Rentals, it's a service that lets students rent Kindle textbooks to save tons of money. Nov 3, There are drawbacks to reading on the Kindle, of course. First, it is not a book. If one of the main reasons you read books is feel and smell the pages in order to gratify your self-image as a "reader" or "intellectual," then the Kindle is probably not for you. But if, as an academic, you are interested in the content. Dec 20, They want more tools, more features, more options, more stuff to do. Amazon's still working out how to satisfy both sides. Whatever route it takes, the next decade of Kindle is likely to be even more disruptive than the last. First it changed the book business. Next it might help change books themselves.


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